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SoundEditor is a free sound editor used to edit, filter and modify sound files. It is an open source freeware with no limitation of usage or distribution. The aim is to equal or do better than current software standards. SoundEditor is under constant evolution. Get the last version visiting the Downloads section.

SoundEditor is created by a team of programmers living all around the world. The main part of this program has been written with PureBasic, a fantastic programming language (see the PureBasic Section). But it can accept DLL written with any other language. If you want to join the team, you are very welcome to.

If you are a present or future user of SoundEditor, you can encourage and support the team by buying the add-ons which are, or will be, available in the downloads section. A sophisticated synthesizer, voice corrector, sound morphing device and many other very original projects are in progress and are, or will be available for free or at very low prices.

You can also find here a comprehensive free VST plugins list wich can be used with any VST hosts.

What is a sound editor ?

It can be used by:

- Musicians: for added effects on their records (wah-wah, reverberation, etc.) SoundEditor can also be used to correct small imperfections (i.e volume or tempo). You can use MonPiano (one of the add-ons) to add new melodies or sound effects to your creations.

- DJs: to create new sounds from samples or by synthesizing them. A complete new creation can be made and mixed with SoundEditor. You can use MonPiano (one of the add-ons) to add new melodies or sound effects to your creations.

- All users: to convert sounds from MP3 to WAV or vice versa. to split a mixed album into separate parts, etc.

CAUTION : SoundEditor and it's Add-Ons are under development. Some functions are not yet operational. Update regularly by downloading the last versions.

Download a free sound editor