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Synth / Phase distortions (4)

Choose your free VSTI instrument here!

Please go to authors sites to get the last version. If the site is down or the link is dead, you can dowload it from here.
Please considere that thoses free VST plugins had need hard work to be developped. The least that you can do, to thank the authors, is to visit their sites and learn a bit about them.
We don't want to offence or injurie anybody. If there is something wrong in our description or if you want us to take off your plug-in from this list, please contact us. If you want to submit a new plug-in to this list, please contact us (FREE VST plugins only)!


Free VST plugg-ins Kabgnals
Free VST plugg-ins Kabgnals
Frequency modulation/phase distortion
- 2 banks for oscillator selection
- modulation & amplitude envelope control
- adjustments and lfo controls for modulation, pulse width, pitch, and pan
- low pass filter for bank one, and high pass filter for bank two

See the author's/host site: CC4
Download the plug-in Windows version (928,76 Ko)
Other plugins from the same author: Kabgnals, Ridiculous Red, Scandalous, Thingumajig

Neptune VST Sequencer Synth

Free VST plug in Neptune VST Sequencer Synth
Free VST plug in Neptune VST Sequencer Synth
The Neptune Vst synthesiser incorporates a phase distortion oscillator, a state variable filter, and an analogue style sequencer with extensive routing options, opening up the possibilities of complex, rhythmical modulated timbres. It is known to work in Orion and Audio Mulch.

See the author's/host site: Broken Gadget
Download the plug-in HERE (520,72 Ko)
Other plugins from the same author: Dr Liebezeit VST Drum Machine, Dr. Benway, Integrated Doobee VST sequencer and synthesiser, Malty VST Effect, Neptune VST Sequencer Synth, Percolator Percussion Synth/Processor


Free VST plug_ins PhadiZ
Free VST plug_ins PhadiZ
AlgoMusic's PhadiZ is a free phase distortion synth (think Casio CZ101) with lots of stereo options including a very unique panning/filter swoosh sound for great pads.
2 Oscillators, 6 Envelopes and 2 LFO's along with a built-in delay and ringmodulator make this a unique synth with a sound all of it's own.

See the author's/host site: AlgoMusic
Download the plug-in HERE (666,32 Ko)
Other plugins from the same author: Arpy, PhadiZ, StringSynth

The Devil Inside

Free VSTI The Devil Inside
Free VSTI The Devil Inside
Distortion + Feedback Synth VSTi

See the author's/host site: Elogoxa
Download the plug-in Standard Version or Keyboard Version
Other plugins from the same author: Cosmogirl II , Elottronix, Elottronix XL, JG-3, Sun RA, The Devil Inside , X-Cita



SynthEdit is a tool allowing to create easily VST Plug-ins.
A lot of sites propose free Plug-Ins created by this way. Try to visit them:

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