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Free VST PlugIns

Windows and Mac free VST plugins

The VST architecture, created by Steinberg in 1990s split the sound treatment in two parts: host part and plug-ins part

The role of the host is to offer to the user a general environment allowing him to open, save and create new compositions.
The role of the plug-ins is to create or modify sounds.

This system has many advantages. One of them is that developpers have not to rewrite a complete sound treatment unit when they just want to create a new effect.

Our free VST catalog has the following categories:

Filters - Synth - Delay/reverb - Scopes - Miscellaneous

If you have some problem to install your VST plugins, go to our page "How to install VST plugins".

If you are looking for a particulatr pluging and don't find it, please use our Search

If you want to know more about the VST genese and architecture, read this excellent dissertation from Toby Newman:

VST PlugIn Technology by Steinberg.
VST PlugIn Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.
VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.