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Filter / Flangers (7)

Choose your free VST filter here!

Please go to authors sites to get the last version. If the site is down or the link is dead, you can dowload it from here.
Please considere that thoses free VST plugins had need hard work to be developped. The least that you can do, to thank the authors, is to visit their sites and learn a bit about them.
We don't want to offence or injurie anybody. If there is something wrong in our description or if you want us to take off your plug-in from this list, please contact us. If you want to submit a new plug-in to this list, please contact us (FREE VST plugins only)!

Blue Cat's Flanger

Free VST plugg-ins Blue Cat's Flanger
Free VST plugg-ins Blue Cat's Flanger
Exclusive "Smooth Update" mechanism : modify parameters in real time (from UI or MIDI controller) without any audible "plop". Exclusive "Random" preset: use this preset to randomly create new sounds. Factory presets included. Full automation support (all parameters can be automated, with smooth and continuous update). Any Sample Rate supported. Real Time Processing
THIS IS A DONATIONWARE. Go to the author's site to make your donation.

See the author's/host site: Blue Cat
Download the plug-in HERE (835,07 Ko)
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Classic Flanger 1.08

Free VST plug in Classic Flanger 1.08
Free VST plug in Classic Flanger 1.08
Take a trip back to the mid 80's with our Classic Flanger. It will give you that subtle or massive swirling effect that is used mainly for guitar, but can be used for many other instruments as well. Due to a tightly controlled feedback path, it is possible to boost the flanging effect to maximum without getting unwanted side effects.

See the author's/host site: Kjaerhus Audio
Download the plug-in HERE (369,59 Ko)
Other plugins from the same author: Classic Compressor 1.16, Classic Delay 1.02, Classic Flanger 1.08, Classic Master Limiter 1.05, Classic Phaser 1.02, Classic Reverb


Free VST plug_ins Flaser
Free VST plug_ins Flaser
Flanger/chorus/phaser/delay. It uses several allpass delays in series, you set the initial and final parameters of these and the in-between ones are generated from them; Also you set the min and max values of the parameters and there's a LFO which moves between them

See the author's/host site: ConcreteFX
Download the plug-in HERE (300,77 Ko)
Other plugins from the same author: Ameoba, Bubbler, Chimecho, DebaserFree, Delayer, Flaser, LightIndustrie, LinkFilter, Position, Rock, Spec (QSpec), Tape Delay


Free VST Filters Mab
Free VST Filters Mab
Mab was inspired originally by the old Electro Harmonics guitar effects pedals, on which you could mix your signal with an oscillator and an envelope. The creator extended the idea by including Delay, Flanger and Distortion options, along with a filter, any of which can be ring modulated with an oscillator & envelope for some truly fascinating results. There's a huge variation of signal paths to try, but without the intimidating number of different controls some similar fx units employ.
Midi controller codes are supported - just hover your mouse over any given knob and the number it responds to will be displayed

See the author's/host site: Antibet
Download the plug-in Windows version (996,17 Ko)


Free VST Filters mdspFlanger
Free VST Filters mdspFlanger
This is "another flanger" with the particularity that the LFO is synchronizable to the tempo with different waveforms (triangle, sin, square, triangle exponential, random...) and a smoothing factor for the waveform, so that you can achieve some new effects not available on classical flangers.
Copyright © 2004, Rémy Muller. All Rights Reserved

See the author's/host site: mdsp/Smart Electronix
Download the plug-in HERE (377,03 Ko)
Other plugins from the same author: Analog Delay , Compressor , DuckDelay, FFT tools vol 1, mdspFlanger, MidiTools, MS tools

Thru-Zero Flanger

VST effects Thru-Zero Flanger
VST effects Thru-Zero Flanger
Classic tape-flanging simulation. The file available for download includes 30 plugins including this one.

See the author's/host site: maxim digital audio (mda)
Download the plug-in HERE (1242,02 Ko)
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Free VST plug-ins VFlanger
Free VST plug-ins VFlanger
This plug-in is another one of the most widely used effects around, the Flanger. The quality is of a high standard, and again, as with many of the other vellocet plug-ins, if you don't already own a Flanger effect, then this is well worth a download, as you will find many uses in the flanger plug-in, thus its popularity as a plug-in.

See the author's/host site: Vellocet Software
Other plugins from the same author: VdPhazor, VFlanger, VFracDistort, VLogicDistortion, VNoiseGate, VNoPhones, VPingpong Delay, VReorder, VRingMod, VSpectShift



SynthEdit is a tool allowing to create easily VST Plug-ins.
A lot of sites propose free Plug-Ins created by this way. Try to visit them:

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