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Mon Piano

Sample player

MonPiano has been written by Jacobus, Dobro and Zapman. It shows a keyboard that you can command with your PC keyboard or with your mouse. It plays from Wave banks of high quality sounds. These banks are available here for download.

This software is perfect for "House Music" composers or just to get some fun.

It will include a complete partition manager writing and reading the Midi format and will be distributed as a shareware in a few weeks. It will also be able to generate a Wave file with your song.

Banque Accordeon.ace
Banque Banjo.ace
Banque Bass Accoustique.ace
Banque Bass fretless.ace
Banque Clarinette.ace
Banque Ensemble_cuivre2.ace
Banque Flute de pan.ace
Banque Flute.ace
Banque Guitare saturée.ace
Banque Guitare Nylon.ace
Banque Harmonica.ace
Banque métallophone.ace
Banque Orgue d'église.ace
Banque Orgue Rock.ace
Banque Piano Honkytonk.ace
Banque Sax_cool.ace
Banque Violon.ace
Banque Voix1.ace